Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Morrie's Aphorisms - Final Project

Poster Part 1 directions: Choose one of Morrie’s aphorisms that you have been collecting and create a poster based on its meaning. Your poster should be completed on 8 ½” x 11” computer paper and mounted on a complimenting color of construction paper. You may use graphics, and/or pictures, but the bulk of your illustration should be hand-drawn and may incorporate color or black/white with pencil shading. Also, the aphorism should be legible and should stand out (readable from a distance). Your poster will be assessed by the following: readability of the aphorism, color and illustration choices, theme, creativity, and effort.

Blog Part 2 directions:

1-  Explain the aphorism in detail. what was Morrie's main message?
2-   Relate the aphorism to a movie, song, historical event, current event, personal experience, etc. and explain in detail how the example you have chosen relates to the aphorism.
3-     Evaluate the aphorism by explaining why you agree/disagree with it. Give specific reasons for your position and specific evidence from the text to support your position.
4-     Take a picture of your aphorism to use as your graphic.
5-   Include your own aphorism regarding life.

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