Thursday, January 19, 2017

Quarter 2 Reflections

We have reached the end of 2nd Quarter...can you believe it?! Now take a moment to reflect on what you have learned so far. Some questions* to consider:

- Of the books you have read this quarter, which was your favorite? Why?

- *In what area do you think you made your biggest improvements in English Language Arts? 
- *What is something you have accomplished since the new year that you are proud of?
- Where are you in your 20 Book Challenge? 
- *What has been the most challenging part of 2nd Quarter for you and what did/can you do to help overcome this?
- How have your blogs been progressing since August? 
- What strategies have benefited you? 
- What have you learned about the world? 
- How have your research skills improved?

Make sure to include a topic sentence and supporting details that fully support your main idea.

*Question must be addressed

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

TKAM Comparative Analysis

You will be doing a comparative analysis of the written version of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee to the filmed version of To Kill A Mockingbird

Choose two of the follow questions below for your blog this week.

1.  What do you think is the most important difference between the written and filmed version? Provide evidence with specific details.

2. How would you prove or disprove that one version of To Kill A Mockingbird is more affective in delivering its message than the other? Be sure to provide specific pieces of evidence to support your opinion.

3. What is the purpose in having different versions of a story? Think about how different versions contribute to the overall understanding and interpretation of that piece of work. Use specific concepts to support your opinion.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Book Talk

Part 1: Written Transcript

·      Tell us the title, the name of the author, and the genre.  (e.g. fantasy, mystery, realistic fiction)

·      Share a summary of the book, including:
Tell us about the setting.  Where and when did the story take place?
Who is the main character in your book?  Describe him/her.
Was there a conflict or struggle that the character had to overcome?
What was the mood of this novel:  funny, sad, exciting?
What was the theme?  (The central idea or lesson about life that the author wants to know.) 

This summary should be one or two paragraphs in length. 

***Make sure you don’t give away too much of the plot***

·      Review your book, including:
Why did you like it?  What do you remember most about the book?
Who would you recommend this book to and why?
Why should the viewer want to go out and get this book?

·      Include a photo of your book

This review should be one or two paragraphs in length.

Part 2:  Video of your Book Talk uploaded to your blog