Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Giver Chapters 1-4

This week's blog is going to focus on The Giver. Your blog will center on the signposts that you have found in your reading from Chapters 1-4.  You will focus on two of the six signposts which include: Contrasts & Contradictions, Aha! Moment, Tough Questions, Words of the Wiser, Again & Again, or Memory Moment. Each signpost will be its own separate paragraph.

Your objective is use the guiding questions on the Notice & Note rainbow sheet to get you thinking more in depth about the different elements of a story, which include, plot, conflict, theme, foreshadowing, and character development.

Ask yourself... What could the answer to my signpost tell me more about plot, conflict, theme, etc.

Parallels between Mawi's experiences and the Syrian refugee crisis

Last week we started reading Of Beetles and Angels by Mawi Asgedom, which starts off by describing Mawi's journey from a refugee camp in Sudan to his relocation in Chicago, Illinois. This week you have picked an article that focuses on some aspect of refugees throughout history, or more specifically the Syrian refugee crisis. 

In your blog you will analyze how Of Beetles and Angels and your AoW make connections or distinctions between individuals, ideas and/or events. You must include at least three paragraphs, two of which will focus on a connection made through individuals, ideas, or events. Your last paragraph will center on the question, 'How does war affect individuals and societies?' Follow the TIQA paragraph format, making sure to include textual evidence from your two sources.