Monday, November 23, 2015

TKAM Setting

Review Harper Lee’s descriptions of Maycomb from your novel To Kill A Mockingbird.
You will be selecting a photograph that represents your idea of Maycomb, AL based on Harper Lee’s description.

Incorporating the different criteria from the Visual Literacy Guide, write a thoughtful, thorough, and well constructed response relating the photograph to Maycomb, AL.
Make sure to include:

  • The image of the photograph you have selected for analysis (make sure to cite your photograph)
  • Your written analysis

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Theme Development

Your blog for your 40 Book Challenge this week will focus on theme. You will need to determine a theme and analyze its development throughout the novel. By looking closely at character's actions, the setting, plot events, and/or the conflict, you can identify clues that are written by the author to help teach you (the reader) a message about life or human nature. Start first by looking at your 'Universal Theme' sheet to help you get started.