Tuesday, December 13, 2016

TKAM - Found Poetry

Write a found poem that represents a character and their beliefs or a character through the beliefs of others as present in To Kill a Mockingbird. You must produce 15-20 lines of key words or phrases. Once your poem is finished, please write an explanation of your poem in paragraph form in the commenting section of your blog.

Think of the process in which we went through for our found poem in class.

Poem #1 by Mrs. Larson's class (yet to be titled)

Going back to that place by himself Atticus remained where he was...an unfair advantage over most living things.
Maybe he doesn't have anywhere to run off too. You know what's going to happen
I couldn't hold my head up in the town, hold your head high, you see it through charge at the fence.
but I don't say to hell with 'em. You know you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway.
Instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand
Keep those fists down.

Poem #2 by Mrs. Larson's class (yet to be titled)

We left the corner, crossed the side street that ran in front of the Radley house, and stopped at the gate.
get a look at Boo Radley
He wants to stay inside.
Don't you touch him! I kicked the man swiftly.
He had to take it out on somebody.
Rather it be me than that houseful of children.
The rifle cracked
she died beholden to nothing and nobody
...she said she meant to break herself off it before she died, and that's what she did.
I'd rather it be me
they do get on a lot better without me
We were still equals.